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słomki z kartonikiem

Aprod Sp. z o.o. is a Polish family-owned company operating on the market since 2008. We distribute the highest quality products, such as:

  • paper drinking straws (“I” shape, “U” shape, telescopic). All straws can be individually wrapped in foil or in paper, with an option of easy-opening system and printing. For industrial application we offer products arranged in a tape, which can be automatically applied to package (carton, pouch, cup etc.). On demand Aprod can also offer straws which are made of environmentally friendly materials such as PHA, PLA, Cellulose acetate, Bio-PE.

  • Disposable spoons and forks, which can be wrapped individually in foil. The offered cutlery can be produced from environmentally friendly materials.

  • caps for gable top cartons. The offered caps have many advantages over caps which are available in the market i.e.:

    • inform about undesirable opening,

    • the highest safety during consumption of packaged product (no moving parts after opening),

    • minimized negative impact to environment due to its low weight. In addition, offered caps can be made of plant based polyethylene, which might be a solution in case of implementation/change of European legislation in the future.

    • there is option to deliver tathered caps which after opening stays with main package.

  • films APET, APET / PE, APET / PE-EVOH used for packaging of sliced cheese, cut meat, ready meals etc.

All products offered by Aprod are manufactured in certified production facilities (HACCP, BRC, FSSC, ISO). All above products have already found its application in Polish market, and their distribution takes place from our warehouse located on the outskirts of Warsaw.


Fissure in Sandstone

For customers in Poland and the European Union, we offer three-layer straws of the highest quality. Straws are produced by a leading manufacturer - Seoil.

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Fissure in Sandstone

Svalinn redefines the cap market, creating greater value for the gable top through ultimate consumer experience.

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Fissure in Sandstone

Rigid APET foils of various structures, thicknesses and dimensions, including metallized foils. In addition to transparent we also offer foils in white, black, brown and other colors according to the customer's needs.

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Fissure in Sandstone

For automatic application of straws into portion packages.

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